Tuition and financial Aid

General Tuition Fee € 18.500

Fee includes tuition, examination and administrative services provided by each academic institution.
Travel and accommodation expenses are excluded from the fee.

IMIM Tuition waivers

Candidates may apply for IMIM tuition waivers which are partial discounts and are awarded based mainly on the following criteria:

  • Candidates activating the application before March 31st 2021 will get an Early-Bird discount of 1,000€
  • Students coming from IMIM partner institutions are eligible for discounts of up to 2,000€
  •  Students registered in the A3 alumni association are eligible for additional discounts of up to 2,000€

IMIM scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded based on merit, more specifically on academic excellence and the applicant’s personal motivation for applying to the program.

  • Merit-based scholarships